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Apoptosis -

Learn about apoptosis and the apoptotic cascade. Find protocols and methods for programmed cell death. News and a forum on apoptosis.

Articulating Boom Microscopes -

Boom Microscopes is your one stop source for high quality 3D stereoscopic microscopes mounted on boom stands. Select from our classic style boom stand, our heavy double arm boom stand with stabilizer, our articulating boom stand with easy retractability, and our floor boom stand on wheels for easy portability. Whatever your boom stand needs are, we can provide you a solution. Our largest customer base for these units is for doing quality control inspection and repair on circuit boards.

Bioinformatics -

Learn about bioinformatics, daily news on bioinformatics, databases and online tools, seminars, graduate work and jobs in the bioinformatic field.

Discounted Microscopes -

TrueVision Microscopes is a microscope brand you can trust for pre-sales technical questions, great discount sale price, after-sale microscope support, and if needed, superb microscope service and microscope repair. We are a professional microscope store with a full technical support staff available to assist you with your microscopy application. We provide high quality compound light microscopes for biological, medical, educational, laboratory research, medical student, home school.

Great Value Microscopes -

Bargain microscopes provides great value microscopy items at reasonable prices. We carry the same microscopes that the big name brand microscope companies sell, but we sell them as generics and pass the savings to you. Our scopes are great for those on a budget, such as for educational or student use, but still needing quality microscopy equipment. Our wide selection of discount microscopes will fit most optical needs. We have biological compound microscopes for high power magnification. -

Learn about dna and protein microarrays. Includes listings of microarray vendors and suppliers. Find news and protocols for chips and arrays.

Insomnia Sleep -

Learn about insomnia and sleep deprivation. Resources on sleeping problems and the latest research on insomnia. Also discuss insomnia in the forum.

Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope -

Tissue Culture Microscopes .com is a great site for finding an inverted cellular tissue culture microscope for use in typical microbiological research. We have several models to select from, including a version with epi-fluorescence microscopy capability and several versions with phase contrast microscopy. These inverted tissue culture microscopes are used to view cellular cultures from the bottom of the petri dish holding the living tissue culture specimen.

Knock Out Mouse -

Information on the generation of transgenic mice and knockout mouse models. Find custom mouse services and companies. Also includes the latest transgenics news and information.

Metal Inspection Microscopes -

Metallurgical Microscopes is a microscope dealer providing high quality optical equipment for the inspection and research of metallurgical specimens. This type of microscope comes in a variety of configurations including upright metallurgical microscopes, inverted metallurgical microscopes, forensic comparison metallurgical microscopes, and field portable metallurgical microscopes. The upright metallographic microscope can also be used for viewing semiconductor silicon wafers.

Molecular Analysis Tools Custom Oligo Synthesis Custom Bioconjugations DNA Testing Services -

Bio-Synthesis provide quality DNA Testing Services, Custom Oligo Synthesis, Custom Bioconjugations, Mass Spec Analysis, Antibody Structure and Molecular Analysis Tools.

Molecular Biology -

A molecular biology portal that includes protocols for common research techniques. Also contains listings of bioinformatic tools and a forum for posting research questions.

Monoclonal Polyclonal Antibodies -

Learn about monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies. Information on antibody protocols, custom antibody suppliers, antibody microarrays, and a directory of antibody products by science field.

Ore Microscopes -

Ore Microscopes .com has a good selection of ore polarized light microscopes for sale. These ore microscopes are great for geology and petrology studies as they are primarily used for rock and mineral identification and analysis. Thick polished specimens of rocks and minerals are viewed under these ore microscopes using plane and cross polarized light. The ore microscope differs from the normal polarizing microscope in that it has the added feature of using incident reflected.


Learn the basics of PCR the polymerase chain reaction to advanced protocols for research. Includes listings of methods for PCR protocols and primer design tools. Discuss and post questions about PCR in the forum.

Peptides -

Learn about peptides, custom peptide synthesis, and companies and vendors that offer peptide services. Also includes the latest news and information on the field of peptides.

Polarized Light Microscope -

Your best source for polarized light microscopes is Polarizing Microscopes .com. Visit us and see for yourself our wide variety of polarizing microscopes suitable for mineral identification in geology and petrology labs. Our petrographic microscopes come complete with Bertrand lens and compensator plates, and are ready to view rock and mineral thin sections under transmitted plan polarized light and transmitted cross polarized light.

Professional Microscope Store -

Microscope Universe is your source for high grade microscopy equipment at discount prices. We carry the finest selection of microscopes, microscope accessories, USB computer connected microscope cameras, and optical equipment for education, clinical - medical and the manufacturing industry. Our high grade compound microscopes are purchased by health clinics, schools, universities, and students. Our stereoscopic low power microscopes are great for industrial quality control, circuit board repair.

Regulatory T Cells -

Regulatory T Cells act to suppress activation of the immune system and maintain immune system homeostasis and tolerance to self-antigens. Find out the recent findings by the research team of IMGENEX.

Specialty Microscopes -

Specialty Microscopes is your solution for obtaining the harder to find microscopy equipment. We sell a wide variety of microscopes for medical, research, educational, and quality assurance purposes. All of our optical equipment meets our high quality standard and is guaranteed to meet your needs. We have a technical sales staff available who can assist you with your microscopy needs. Our wide selection of microscopy equipment includes polarizing microscopes, phase contrast microscopes.

Stem Cell Therapy News -

Cell Therapy News is a free, weekly e-newsletter and website portal dedicated to providing the latest information affecting cellular therapies.

Student biology microscopes -

Lowest Price microscopes is a microscope store you can trust for bringing you good quality discount microscopes at cheap prices. We have a huge selection of microscopy equipment for student and educational applications. We carry biological microscopes, high power microscopes, low power microscopes, dissecting microscopes, teaching microscopes with dual heads, medical student microscopes, USB computer connected microscope cameras, binocular microscopes, trinocular microscopes with photography.

Transgenic Mouse Portal -

Learn about knockout and transgenic mice (and other transgenic organisms) including hot new publications, jobs, news, lab registry, scientist rankings, updated daily.

Western Blot -

Information on the western blot technique and immunoblot protocol. Includes protocols and articles on western blotting and a forum for discussing westernblot troubleshooting and problems.