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All you ever need to know about your pet -

Showoff your pet in our free pet community. Post your pet pictures, discuss pets in our forum or start your own pet blog. Completely free to join.

American Dog Training -

AMERICAN DOG and PUPPY TRAINING. Dog Breeds & Profiles, Dog Names, Care & Grooming, Articles,Cute Dog Pics & Dog Training tips.

American Eskimo -

Who else wants the happiest, healthiest, and most well behaved american eskimo on the block?

Aquarium database -

Aquarium guide with access to database of tropical freshwater aquatic fish, plants, biotopes and articles.

Bernese mountain dog secrets -

Who else wants the happiest, healthiest, and most well behaved Bernese Mountain dog on the block?

Best Dog Breeds -

There are probably more dog breeds in the world at this moment than there have ever been. There truly are a staggering number of dog breeds around with more being recognized every year.

Bird Cages - is your source for everything bird cages. This website have about bird cages articles and Free Site submit.

Bird Houses -

Human Edited Web Directory with Bird Houses , articles , add site and more.

Burmese cats and kittens - stories, pics, grooming -

All about Burmese cats & kittens, breeders list, health & care articles, history of Burmese cats, kittens pictures, the world standards.

Cat Urine Cleaner - Cat Urine Eliminator -

Find the best cat urine cleaner products to remove the odor and stains of cat urine. There are different eliminator products listed and compared on this website

Cat, dog names and their meanings -

Suggestions for naming your new or newly adopted pets. Cat and dog names based on color, gender, country of origin and other categories.

Cats of the Globe, information on cat breeds -

Cats of the Globe is where to go to find information on many domestic cat breeds.

Chihuahua Dog World -

Learning experience about Chihuahua dogs from original history and up.

Chinese Crested Secrets -

Who else wants the happiest,healthiest, and most well behaved chinese crested on the block?

Cichlids -

Articles on different types of Cichlid fishes, their types, and care.

Dog aggression -

Dog obedience training - Discover amazing secrets on how to obedience train your dog properly and easily.

Dog and Puppy Pictures -

Browse our dog breeds or choose a name for your dog. Every day hundreds of puppy and dog pictures!

Dog Collar -

A site dedicated to dogs and dog owners. We are continuously updating the site with the most helpful information for dog owners including things like training, dog toys, names, and food.

Dog Obedience -

Learn how to get your dog to obey your command. Basics of dog obedience training by a dog training enthusiast.

Dog Obedience Training -

Guide to dog obedience training, articles to train your dog or puppy the right way.

Dog skin solutions -

If your dog has a stubborn skin problem, here are the tried-and-true dog skin solutions from the old west revealed

Dog Training Lessons -

Learn how to train your dog at home. Training Lessons on dog behaviour training, obedience training, clicker training, agility training, potty training and dog house training.

Exotic Parrots of the World -

Information concerning parrots particularly, Conures, Macaws, African Greys, their training and diet

Goldfish -

Goldfish Society is a global community of goldfish enthusiasts and Goldfish care information about goldfish info , goldfish care , goldfish diseases and etc.

Horse Info -

Everything you need to know about your friend the horse, training tips, healthcare, breed info, racing tips and more.

Interactive And Plush Dog Toys -

Dog Toy uk was started in February 2006. We are based in Leicestershire, England. We stocks all types of dog toys and dog training aids.

Italian Greyhound Secrets -

Who else wants the happiest, healthiest, and most well behaved italian greyhound on the block?

Jellyfish -

Jellyfish are invertebrates that live in the seas. This site is Jellyfish Directory and Articles. Advertise on

Kissamekoons Maine Coon Cats -

Maine coon cattery in Kissimmee, Florida, offering beautiful maine coon kittens for sale.

Male & Female Rottweilers -

Find German male and female rottweiler puppies and dogs for sale online at

Natural Pet Care -

Information on Pet health using natural, organic and ecologically friendly products in the treatment of animals.

Owning A Dog -

Caring for a dog - or any animal for that matter, can be a wonderful heartfelt experience. Your dog will be totally dependent on you.

Pet Insurance Guide -

Information and articles around the subject of pet insurance, including guides on what to look for when comparing policies from different insurers

Quaker Parrots are Fun -

Quaker Parrots are smart and fun birds. Jade is my bird and Iíll tell you a little bit about him. I had to get the right cage and appropriate toys. He also eats a variety of foods. Quaker Parrots are also known as Quaker parakeets, Monk Parrots or Monk Parakeets.

Successful Aquariums -

Offers information and articles on aquariums and fish care. Includes cleaning, supplies and more. All information is open to the public, visit today!

The Bit and Spur -

The Bit and Spur provides you with vital information for your horse, along with all the products you need.

The Horseshoe Club - All about horses and horse care - features a horse library with articles on how to care for a horse, how to ride a horse. a classified section for buying and selling horses.

Tropical Aquarium Fish Help -

Aquarium fish articles, guides, tips, calculators and photos. Including freshwater fish, saltwater fish and more.

Woofing Dog Obedience Training -

Discover the secrets of dog obedience training, an absolute necessity for a happy dog. For puppies and older dogs, from selection, potty training puppy, basic training and problem solving. Learn about different dog obedience training options, as well as important aspects of canine nutrition and canine health, dog nutritional supplement and dog medication. You will be able to choose to apply a dog obedience training system so that you and your dog can have a long and happy time together.

Worldly Dogs, an Alphabetical Dog Breed List -

Looking for a complete alphabetical dog breed list? Look no more, Worldly Dogs has dog breeds from all over the globe listed here. We also have them listed by country or continent of origin as well, with in-depth information on their description, history, and temperament. Find everything on your breed you are looking for with our alphabetical dog breed list.

Yorkie Puppies For Sale -

Yorkshire Terrier - Information about Yorkshire Terrier dogs and puppies. Including pictures, pups, links and lots more.

Your Healthy Pets Online -

Learn more about your favorite pets and how to care for them. We offers plenty of helpful articles, blog posts, pet care products and services, tools etc. to help with the care for family friends!

Your online guide to Dogs, and Dog training | Phd Dogs -

Your complete dogs reference

Your Pet Source -

Articles and information on dogs, cats, birds, fish, small animals, exotic animals, reptiles, and other types of pets.