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Antiques Reference Guide -

Offers information and articles on antique collecting and antique appraisal. Includes furniture, dishes and more. All information is open to the public, visit today!

Beginning-Coin-Collecting -

US regular issue, certified BU coins, under $10 per coin, flat grades

Bonsai Gardening -

Create and own beautiful Bonsai Trees - Bonsai care tips & tricks - Bonsai tree care for anyone...

BraRoe Chess Sets -

BraRoe Chess offers a complete set of chess sets, including both Staunton and themed. Additionally, BraRoe Chess offers a large selection of chess boards and pieces to help create you lasting chess set. Finally, BraRoe Chess offers a full line of backgammon sets.

Cigarettes Packs Collection - is a project that sets the goal of creating a full Encyclopedia of cigarettes.

Discover a Passion for the Hobby Lobby -

Hobby Lobby covers products from all sorts of activities, careers, lifestyles, etc. Hobby Lobby saves a lot of time and frustration as you can purchase multiple different products from the one location. Hobby Lobby is the site that will have the product you are searching for.

Easy Pastimes-Cool Diversions -

This website was created to explore the many easy pastimes, fascinating hobbies, cool diversions, and exciting activities to renew the spirit. As we discover new and easy pastimes, we will critique them and report the greatest hobbies, sports, activities and vacations. We are scouring the Internet, magazines, and news and exploring the possibilities, trying them out, and here we will be sharing the best with you. -

Bass fishing equipment and more where you can find the best of the best on bass fishing equipment. We have done all the research to bring you with best bass fishing equipment and we proudly offer them to you all in one place. If you are looking for Bass fishing equipment you are in the right place.

FlyFishing -

Learn to Fly Fishing. Free step by step guides and instrucions for Fly Fishing.

Furniture & Woodworking Directory -

Furniture and woodworking resources for consumers, hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals.

Gardening for Dummies -

Gardening for Dummies - You can grow it and we show you how.

Golf Directory and news -

A great golf directory and golf news resource to help you find golf information so you can have a better game.

Growing Peppers -

Growing peppers and all the essential information needed to grow peppers from seed or a ready plant. Learn to care for your pepper plant to ensure you have the sweetest or hottest, best tasting peppers.

Guitar Lessons -

Professional Musician and Guitarist Chris Dupre gives in-home Guitar Lessons in Orlando, and surrounding areas, of Florida. Specializing in 1 on 1 private lessons for beginner and intermediate players.


HPI Savage is one of the most popular RC Trucks Hpi Savage trucks com in various models Including kit form so you can customize the truck to the specification that you want.

My Star World - Astrology Software -

Easy astrology program for determining the future, your personality, and relationships. Low cost astrology software makes great horoscope readings, use to find out about your love life and future.

Olympic Fencing | Learn to Fence | Fencing Clubs -

Learn all about the sport of fencing, find a fencing club, and read training tips and equipment reviews at this large community and news site.

Powering the way to Energy Independent Living — Applied Solar Technology -

Powering the way to Energy Independent Living, renewable energy research and information, diy alternative energy projects, build solar panels, solar hot water, solar cooker, and solar oven.

Replica flintlock rifle designs -

A full-time designer and fabricator of eighteenth century decorated sporting firearms, working in European and American stylistic traditions.

The Perfect-Coin -

Hobbies: Coin Collecting. ThePerfect-Coin is Proud of its Quality and Value; featuring Coin Collecting with US Rare and Modern Coins, Certified and Graded by PCGS, NGC, ICG and ANACS. The Emphasis is On Knowing the Grade of the Coin.

Traxxas, the Best in remote racers -

Remote Racers is a site dedicated to RC vehicles. Information about traxxas cars trucks boats.

Unique Quilter -

Unique Quilting has created a use for a material to make permanent rotary cutting templates which are thick enough to be sturdy yet thin enough to cut with scissors. With our quilting patterns, we have included handy hints that will cut most quilting processes to a fraction of the normal time. Time is a precious commodity, have more fun in the making rather than the preparation of your quilt. We teach our clients how to look at a block, create their own templates, draft their own patterns.

Woodworking4All designed for all woodworking levels. - is designed to get the whole family involved. It is here to educate and motivate beginners, women and children. We want to provide valuable woodworking tips, plans and advice. Woodworking plans and projects will be available. Learn about different woodworking tools, such as jigs, clamps and woodworking styles like shaker or Adirondack. Just as the name suggests, this site is designed for all woodworking levels. Look no further than!