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Author Joel Goulet - http://www.joelgoulet.com

Internationally awarded website of multi-genre author Joel Goulet. Sci-fi, western, horror, suspense novels. Novel & screenplay excerpts, items about pet adoption, cancer awareness, gifts.

Best Book Tour - http://www.bestbooktour.com/

Featuring detailed book reviews from all genres as well as featured authors, latest book reviews, or you can enter a book review and get listed as a ...

Christian Books, Music, Resources - http://www.christian.us

Extensive collection of Christian books, hymns, music, lyrics, worship songs, sheet music, Bible study tools and more.

Classical period - http://www.infoweb.co.nz/classical-period

HPInteractive - http://www.hpinteractive.com

A website about the last Harry Potter book.

Internet Publicity for Authors - Online Book Tours - http://www.internetpublicityforauthors.com/

Chameleon is a contemporary thriller about big money, high ambition, and low morals. Only an insider could tell a story exposing the financial world’s vanity and greed in a way both thought provoking and eye opening.

Top entertainment news & books. - http://www.briefinfinity.com/entertainment/entertainment.htm

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